Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Speedy Gonzalez(es)!

These are some recent speed paintings of invented landscapes using photoshop techniques and brush manipulation. They've really helped me develop a new way of designing environments and incorporating more naturalistic elements and movements without getting too bogged down with the blank canvas staring at me. I'm really looking forward to what else I'll be able to get out of this process.

Now that I'm back at Art Center, I'll be posting more often considering I couldn't post anything I worked on over the summer. Look out for some new stuff really soon. Hope you enjoy these for now. 


  1. Hey Mauricio, good to be in class with you guys, thank you for stopping by. Great to see your work progress even more so well-roundedly.


  2. Peace Mauricio, Inspirational work!! I like the work i see environments and characters, i'm liking these environments you did. The depth shadows high lights are all really smooth. Trying to do the same with my own environment work :) Do you use painter or photoshop? Cause some brush strokes reminds me of some that i use in painter. Nonetheless keep it up!



  3. Hey Domaz,

    Thank you for the nice words about my work. These are all done in photoshop. I've actually never used painter but it looks like it could be fun. But yes, doing environments from scratch is really fun!


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