Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of the Year Posting Bonanza!!!


Here's some visual development work I did recently from a personal story that I have been developing over the last couple of months. It is "finished" for now, but my plan is to revisit this project in the near future and expand upon it to really get into the character and design of the story. Hope you enjoy looking at it as I did working on it!


This project derived its production design from a series of experimental processes designed by Nick Pugh to help us break out of our artistic shells and find more originality in our design. In an ultimate sense, it was a chance to have fun and potentially create something that you would neither have thought of yourself nor could have using your already tried and true methods. The story and subject matter were up to us, and I chose to use another personal story of mine to provide a context for my designs.

Digital Paintings


Descanso Gardens


  1. Good work my brotha' from another motha'!

  2. Your stuff have gotten more very well polished over the course of the term Mauricio, cheers to you and have a happy holidays. Thanks for correcting my link to your site.

  3. hey superman. Thanks for dropping by. Lots of gold and charm over here. =]

  4. Still hope you put some more time into that second "astroknights" piece...

    Keep up the improvement, my friend!

  5. i loveeeee ur galapago project! sooooooooo cute!

  6. thank you! :)
    I thought you are pixar or dreamworks artist
    because your work is really amazing :)


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