Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teaching this Fall at the LA Academy of Figurative Art

A few weeks ago I received the honor of being asked to teach at the LA Academy of Figurative Art in Van Nuys, CA. They are primarily an Atelier school focusing on a strong foundational approach to drawing and painting, but they have recently started introducing Entertainment based classes into their curriculum.

I will be running a class introducing the principles of composition and layout as they apply to Entertainment mediums. I've always felt that a lot of classes only cover composition as it applies to the specific piece being critiqued due to time constraints, so I wanted to focus on really understanding the design principles that create interesting and compelling compositions.

This class won't be a heavily digital class as no painting is required, and quite honestly, very minimal value as well. By removing the need to render or light, I felt that I could really focus on the elements that form the composition - namely shape, line, rhythm, proportion, style, gesture etc to name a few.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from such an introductory course, please visit LAAFA's website for more information or to enroll:


  1. Congrats man! Thats way cool. Remember: instill sheer terror the first day and don't let up. Yelling a lot helps.

    Take it easy!

  2. Agreed. Yelling is the teacher's greatest tool. I do it to my students all the time. Just remember what Yoda said - "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to ...GREAT ART!"....I may have lost something in the translation...


  3. Congrats Mauricio, you have all the tools needed.

  4. Excellent! Share your wisdom to the world!!
    Congrats, buddy.


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