Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small Dogs - Meet Bella!

Bella is a brown-haired Boxer and leader of the neighborhood big dogs. Her owner thinks she's the sweetest dog ever but in the presence of all the other dogs, she is the biggest and meanest bully there is. She finds small dogs to be a nuisance, and therefore doesn't allow them to hang out in certain parts of the neighborhood. It's only when a brave little Chihuahua named Seth decides to prove her wrong that she ends up butting heads with him and his friends.

In other news, I attended the SCBWI (Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators) Annual LA conference last weekend and it was a blast! I learned so much and I met so many inspiring people. Since I finished writing a revised rough draft months ago for "Small Dogs," I've been busy learning the business side of publishing. While I continue to pursue that, I've been keeping myself busy with another project of mine - a Batman animatic. I'll slowly trickle some stuff from it onto this blog along with some more concept work from my kid's book (and even some sample interior art). Hope everyone else is busy (in a good way) too!


  1. Glad you seem to have more time for your personal projects. Looking forward to the results.

  2. How awesome is Bella! We simply LOVE boxers over husband's dogs growing up were all boxers, until I persuaded him to try a Vizsla! (my very first dog) and she is quite awesome. I'm thrilled to hear you went to the conference..I hope someday to attend. I know you must've absorbed so much great information!! Keep up the positive energy and great work!!

  3. Looking GREAT, Mauricio! Look forward to purchasing a copy. All the best.

  4. whoaa that looks so cool! what a fun design :)


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