Monday, October 8, 2012

Speedpainting's like a box of chocolates...

You never know what you're going to get!

These are some speed paintings I've done recently in an effort to keep up my practicing. I really enjoy these because they're all about just going with the flow of the piece - I don't have to think about laying out a specific shot or sticking within a specific art direction. I can just let the piece evolve into whatever it is evolving into, and the fun and struggle is in wrangling it so that the piece doesn't get away from me. They're super fun as you're just pushing and pulling values to come up with what are hopefully original designs and compositions. For anyone interested, these were all done with just a simple round brush with some softness here and there and maybe a texture effect every now and then. More to come!


  1. They look really nice.

    Great stuff

  2. yeeahhh!! Great thumbs! Love how you work with the dark to light in the compositions... great! Looking forward to see more of them :)

  3. Nice speed work. Great atmosphere in all three. I am partial to the industrial theme, I just love well-lit buildings with scale.


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