Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kat - A Character Portrait

This is a quick portrait I did as a birthday gift for a lovely coworker named Kat. Sometimes when I have a little spare time and (more importantly) inspiration, I like to sketch out my fellow coworkers. In this case, the illustration happened to just pop in my head based on her demeanor and nature, so it was rather just a matter of my hand channeling the vision already in my head. Since I happened to like how it came out, I decided to post it up here.

The pattern for her shirt is actually taken from a iphone photo I snapped of her shirt, which I thought was just too cool not to drop into the painting as a texture.


  1. Great style Mauricio! I like how you choose to simplify the perspective and make very flat shapes!

  2. Oh come on... NOBODY has perfect posture like that at work! haha. Nice composition and I like the neutral grey of the desk. Very graphic.

  3. I loved that you used a real texture from her actual shirt! thats such a great personal touch! Really nice painting btw, i hope she liked it!


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