Friday, September 13, 2013

"A Gotham Fairytale" Featured on Multiple Sites & Radio!

 A GOTHAM FAIRYTALE: My Batman-based animatic consisting of over 200 black and white illustrations set against "Knights of Cydonia" by the rock band Muse. It was uploaded online exactly at this time last week and has since received nearly 18,000 views, notable reviews on social news sites, and even got mentioned on-air on Toronto rock station 102 The Edge.

Watch here


iO9 was the first entertainment website to feature my Batman animatic that I know of. Really well-written summary and description of my video and my intent - it's almost as if they hacked my brain. Is that possible yet?


Toronto DJ Fearless Fred mentioned it on-air during his segment and even posted the link on his radio blog page and facebook. Very cool of him, especially since he's a fellow comics enthusiast.

COMICBOOKMOVIE was the next site that I was made aware of to feature my video. It officially marks the first time I have ever been called a "YouTuber" as well as a huge point of pride for me since I frequent that site a lot for my daily dose of comic book and pop culture news.


GeekTyrant is a super cool site and they really went above and beyond in their depiction of my work. Not only allowing site viewers to thumb through some images, they also provide a direct link as well as a cool description. And even if they hadn't, just to have the privilege of having my work officially displayed below a Star Wars banner is a huge dream-that-I-didn't-know-I-had come true. That gives me an idea for a follow up - Batman on the Death Star, perhaps?


  1. Just SO insanely awesome, Mauricio! You should be incredibly proud of yourself and the accolades are so very, very deserved. Congratulations! (rounds of applause to you!)


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