Thursday, January 9, 2014


Here's a little fan art I just completed earlier this week in my commitment to paint more this year. Funny enough I had started it 2012, but left it as a sketch in the 3rd stage you see in the process above. As a commitment to moving forward, I told myself I would try and finish all the paintings that I had already started before starting any new ones.

I've always enjoyed seeing other artists' processes, so I thought I'd screen shot the evolution of this piece to see how it developed. It's fun to see it in the end, even if it's hard to remember to do so while you're actually painting.

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  1. Very very cool to view your screenshot of the process, Mauricio..thank you! The final piece turned out beautifully. I commend you for going back to your older pieces and finishing are brave! I've chucked a few of mine..and am now thinking of forcing myself to keep pushing through. Thanks for your visits this's so nice to see your comments and I am humbled by your me, I struggle a lot with my paintings, but hopefully keeping up on sketching each day (even if they're random girls doing things and such), it'll help me mentally to keep going and not worrying so much about perfection and such. Have an awesome week ahead!


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