Saturday, October 11, 2014

Long Beach Comic Con 2014 Wrap Up

The 2014 Long Beach Comic Con held Sept 27-28th was a huge success, and I had a ton of fun getting to be a part of it. The show featured multiple exhibitors, artists, creators, and special guests within the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center and was attended by guests of all ages. I spent the majority of my time at my table in Artist's Alley selling prints and getting to interact with old fans while also making new ones.

Overall it was a great experience, and the best part for me had to be seeing and hearing people's reactions to my work. I was surprised to see so many people stop by to specifically tell me that they liked my work even when they had no intention of purchasing anything.

I also gave away free artwork throughout the weekend as I usually try to do at conventions. This time my two lucky winners would each be going home with a large Batman poster print that I got made specifically for this show. Congrats to both of my winners, and I hope their walls have enough room to accommodate their new prizes.

Now that the convention craze is over I'll be resuming my work on a couple of upcoming projects, most notably my Superman animatic. My next appearance will be at DesignerCon 2014 in Pasadena on Nov 8-9 so I hope you'll have some time to check it out. Until then, I'll be drawing away!  

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