Monday, January 12, 2015

"A Smallville Man" - My Superman Film is Now Online

I must admit that when I finally posted "A Gotham Fairytale" online, I never had any intention of making a second film. I thought that if I was lucky I would get maybe a couple hundred views and then move on to one of my other pet projects. So you could imagine my surprise when what I thought was just a silly little Batman video suddenly started generating a huge positive reaction all over the internet. It was being lauded on several of the most popular comic and entertainment websites, even got a plug on Canadian radio (thanks, Fearless Fred!), and inspired several Batman fans to personally write me to tell me who much they enjoyed it.

So now it is once again my honor to share with you all my second film entitled "A Smallville Man," which features an original Superman story set against the song "Walk" by American Rock band Foo Fighters. It explores the relationship between Superman's past and present through separate stories that take us from the jungles of South America to the quaint streets of his hometown of Smallville. For those not familiar with South America, it's like America but south. The two story lines ultimately converge thematically to show that the "S" on his chest represents not just the power of his alien abilities but also the strength of his humanity. 

You can watch the film on Youtube here:

I conceived the story shortly after I posted "AGF" online and then serendipitously found the music for it on one of my evening jogs. As with "AGF," I worked out the story first and then let the music help influence the pacing of the narrative. The first spark of inspiration came originally after watching 2013's "Man of Steel." While I enjoyed the intent of the flashbacks in the film, I felt like they missed the mark of the importance of the Kents' role in teaching Clark the morals that would eventually guide him when he becomes Superman. 

What I've always enjoyed about the mythology of Superman is that he becomes this great hero specifically because it was the Kents who found and raised him. If he had landed anywhere else, he would have become someone entirely different. So "A Smallville Man" became my outlet for emphasizing that part of the mythology. It became a story about how what makes Superman the hero that he is can be traced back to the influence of his parents, in this case his father's willingness to do the right thing by standing up for someone else.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy the film!

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