Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Even Predators Need A Health Plan!

I got the idea for this gag while joking around with my friend the other day. The joke will only be apparent to fans of the movie or to people who are at least somewhat familiar with the mythology, but I'm ok with that. I grew up loving the original "Predator" movie and actually used to draw my own versions of the character. So in a way this illustration is for fans like me.

In case you're just 'dying' to know what the joke is, I'm still happy to explain it. In the movies whenever a Predator is injured beyond recovery and about to lose, they are supposed to initiate a self destruct sequence using their arm-tech thingy that detonates after about 30 seconds. So naturally the poor Predator patient has no insurance to cover whatever he may have come to the doctor for, so the doctor in turn initiates the self-destruct sequence for him.

It really is a shame that I live in such a highly developed country and yet proper health care is practically unattainable.

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