Friday, October 16, 2015

"Standby Me" Series pt 01

I’ve gone back and forth and called this series a few different things but I’ve decided to officially call it “Standby Me” referencing both their friendships and the name of the line if you don’t have a fast pass. Someone requested a wallpaper with all three pairs so far so here’s something at 1280 x 720p. More character pairs to come :)


  1. Ok so we have to know, is there a significance to the #12 on Cinderella? Everything in your art seems so well thought out it can't just be a random number right?

    1. Hi there! That's a good question, and I wonder if I can help you get to the answer. So I chose the number 12 not only because it makes her shirt very 'sporty' because she has to run out of the palace, but because there's a very specific time that's associated with Cinderella as she runs. Need a hint? Before the clock strikes...12! :)


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