Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"I'll be home soon, girl" A Star Wars Tribute

“I’ll be home soon, girl.”
If you're familiar with my work then you know I like to focus on the lesser seen side of things. When I’d watch the Star Wars movies, I couldn’t help but see the extras running around in the background and wonder about their stories, about who they were and what they had to lose.
From there I imagined an X-wing pilot with an alien dog-like pet and how hard it would have to be saying goodbye each time there was a mission. The illustration itself became a love letter to original concept designer and fellow ArtCenter College of Design alum Ralph McQuarrie whose art pretty much defined the visual style of the original trilogy. I have to say it was challenging but also a true treat studying a great master's style and work to enhance my own understanding of the principles of design and illustration. 
Here’s to Star Wars, here’s to our pets, and here’s to what will hopefully be a great and enjoyable opening weekend!

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