Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cindy's Cafe

When Cindy was a girl her step mom forced her to clean the house as a way to belittle her in favor of her own two daughters. Though she resented that kind of work at the time, she later grew to respect it, and even developed a strong work ethic and attention to detail because of it. When she decided to start her own business "Cindy's Cafe," all of that experience proved invaluable. She found herself again scrubbing counters and sweeping floors but this time it was invigorating. This time she was working to make her dream come true.

I wanted to do a pinup and got this idea to use the Cinderella archetype as a way to flip the idea of menial labor being demeaning on its head and instead to celebrate it as being part of a strong work ethic especially for self-starters.

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