Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peter Pan and the Legend of Neverland

Here it is! My color theory final project - Peter Pan! I chose to slightly modify the story by setting it in 16th century Spain, at the beginning of the discovery of the "new world." The Darling family was set as middle class Spanish citizens, while Peter and the world that Neverland represents was based upon the European view of the "savagery" of the Americas. And Captain Hook was based upon the naval authority of the Spanish armada of the time.


  1. Really nice job on these Mauricio, especially the one with Tinkerbell dying — it looks like a still from an actual animation.
    Only thing that catches my eye is the water from the Hook and Peter fight, maybe the contrast or detail could be less. Otherwise great portfolio stuff.

  2. Hey Mauricio, good job on your final! it looked awesome!!

  3. dude i love your work man... very nice coloring... if its not to much to ask... could you please take a look at my blog and maybe give me some pointers... i think i would really help my work...


Thanks for letting me know what you think :)