Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rollin' with STYLE

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These are the pieces from the Style class with Mike Humphries. The bottom one is from the third assignment, which was to design a tree honoring a musical artist in the middle of a town square. I chose Al Hirschfeld as my style artist and The Beatles as my musical group. I did it in pen and ink like Al Hirschfeld, and because Hirschfeld doesn't really do environmental pieces in color, I was free to color it anyway I wanted. 

The middle piece was from an assignment in which we had to design a children's restaurant playground. I chose illustrator Lane Smith as my style artist and decided to make my restaurant a dinosaur themed venue. Like Lane Smith, I did this one in oils.


  1. Hey Mauricio, thanks for the kind comment on Coconut Castle. Your Lane Smith piece inspired me most out of the three.. When I saw you working on that oil painting, it really REALLY pushed me to work harder on the kids playground piece so I truly thank you for that... Anyway, have a fun break!

  2. this is nice. What class was this for?


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