Friday, April 1, 2011

Going a little Sci-Fi (Part Deux)

Although I'm more of an animation style guy, this little foray into video game-esque sci-fi isn't too far from what I grew up liking, which is mainly dynamic action based comics and movies/shows. Anyhow, here's an updated version of another piece from this project, whose goal it was to force us to create art and designs that we would not normally create - in other words, to go out of our comfort zones. I'm definitely not used to doing this kind of stuff, but it was fun to play around with a different subject matter and genre.


  1. Its always nice to see you try something else with your art and take risk. Keep it up sir!

  2. Mauricio! I just discover your blog. Awesome work you do!!! :D I will continue visiting :)

  3. Sick! Is that a triceratops wizard killing robot secret agents?!

    I think you should do more of these key-scenes/action pieces

  4. Lookin good man. Looking forward to seeing you Gradwall!

  5. As I said when I first saw the piece: one of my favorites you've done.

  6. Poetry in motion!!!! Well done Maricio!!!

  7. Not used to doing this kind of...? I was scratching my head over that one, since you seem to be kicking these pieces out no prob. I really liked the depth, lighting, and shapes in the layout piece before this. I need to explore more of that meself.

  8. Aryul: Thanks, man. Yeah, always trying to expand my base, hehe

    Chase: Thanks, bro!

    Fabian: Thank you for the kind words, I hope to make your visits worthwhile each time.

    Tom: HAHA, not exactly. It's from a story concept I've developed about kids in space with superpowered costumes. Think Power Rangers but on steroids!

    Wayne: Thank you, sir!

    Aaron: Can't wait to see you there, my friend!

    Zach: Glad you like it, buddy

    Roy: Appreciate it coming from you!

    Khylov: Thank you, kind sir, but I wouldn't say these pieces came out without a problem, hehe. What you're seeing is the final of course, but you didn't see the horrible in-between stages, especially of the environment one. But thank you nonetheless for your gracious words


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