Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pre-Glittery Vampires!

This is an old layout I did for a class in which I re-interpreted the book "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice. The specific scene for anyone that knows the story (or the movie) is the scene where Louis, the main character and narrator, is transforming into a vampire in the middle of the night in a New Orleans cemetery. 

I did it in charcoal on Strathmore illustration paper (about 16"x9"). I remember at the time specifically doing it traditionally despite everyone else doing their pieces digitally because I was really in love with Simon Varela's charcoal pieces from the art of "Finding Nemo." As any bright-eyed student who's tried to emulate a great master's style or aesthetic knows, it's not so easy. Probably the last old piece I'll post up for now, but I like how it holds up even after a few years so I figured I'd show it.


  1. Wickedly sweet! I've watch the movie and that really brings back some nostalgic thrilling scenes. Glad to have that as the book cover. Cool! buy aion accounts

  2. This baby will continue to hold up for many, many years. It's SOLID, my friend!

    A little scary too, but Halloween is approaching!

  3. definitely agree with Ted :) you did an amazing job! i've also attempted something like this (paul felix inspired tho!) it really is NOT easy! and to think you did this as a student too is amazing!

  4. The banner for your blog is so epic!

  5. Nice piece. Yes the "Finding Nemo" charcoal drawing are amazing. Charcoal is a messy medium but it has such a great range in vaules perfect for value and light studies.


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