Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Calvin, Oh, Calvin!" A Cat Sketch

Calvin, Oh, Calvin 
Why are you afraid of ants?
The simple sight of them 
Makes you a scaredy pants

You're a regal beast
If only you could see
So don't be scared
It betrays your majesty


  1. I like both the illustration and the poem. Hehehe. You made yours rhyme. I am terrible at poetry. I like his texture. He looks so soft. Here kitty kity!!! Hahaha! Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Ces! This was actually a gift for a former coworker who just left, so I painted up her pet for her. And it's biographical in that her cat is indeed afraid of ants, lol.

    2. Wow! That is so cool! What a nice gift and how thoughtful and generous you are.

  2. There's a lot of truth to this. My African Grey Parrot is afraid of tiny, flying bugs. He'll go flailing off his perch if one gets too close.

  3. Haha, these are great man. Really love the traditional feel they are all having. Keep it up brutha!

  4. Super beautiful, Mauricio!!! I love it!!!!


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