Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"POPcade" A Video Game Tribute Show at the Rothick Art Haus

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a part of POPzilla’s upcoming gallery show “POPcade” which will be a pop art tribute to video games old and new! The show opens this Saturday May 10 at 6pm (till 10 pm) and will run for 4 weeks. It will be held down in Anaheim, CA at the Rothic Art Haus where I’ll be exhibiting two brand new pieces that I did specifically for this show.

The first is a tribute to one of my favorite video game characters from when I was a kid. Here’s a thumbnail preview of my painting showcasing everyone’s favorite blue-haired hedgehog :) I’ll post the full image after this 

The second is my contribution to the “Video Game Vixen” pinup series that the gallery is holding. Since all of my favorite female characters from video game lore were already taken by the time I had signed up, I asked if I could illustrate someone from the Rocksteady Batman “Arkham” games, and they said yes! So I chose to go with one of my favorite comic characters in general – Harley Quinn from the “Batman: Arkham City” game. Sneak preview now, full image after this weekend so stay tuned :)
Hope you can make it out!
170 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, California 92805
Saturday, May 10
6 pm – 10 pm


  1. Hey I used to play Sonic too! I'm looking forward to see the full image! Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Estevao! I hope you'll like the whole thing :)

  2. That Sonic is absolutely marvelous! I love the fuzzy look you gave to him, nobody depicts him with the little fur hair he should have all over his blue body and you did, and it looks absolutebly atonishing. Thanks you very much for doing this

    1. Thank you! I know, right? I love painting 2D characters a bit more realistically but still kinda cartoony and cute. I hope you really like the full piece which I just posted :)


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