Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WonderCon 2014 at Anaheim Wrap Up

WonderCon 2014 was this past weekend down in Anaheim, CA and I had a blast meeting a lot of great new people. If you’ve never been to a comic-esque convention, then suffice it to say that it was a three day gathering of artists, exhibitors, vendors, fans, creators, publishers and other entertainment organizations all in the spirit of the characters and stories that span the gamut of comic books,  movies, literature, tv and anything else you might imagine.

This gentleman was one of two winners for my free print giveaway during the first day. He is a huge Batman fan and was excited to have a large print of my “Solemn Knight” painting showing Batman reflecting on arriving at a crime scene a few moments too late.

These good folks were one of the two winners of the free art raffle held the first day. The gentleman in the center won the Superman print from my upcoming animatic for his brother who is the big Superman fan in the family.

He liked my art so much that he decided to come by the booth the next day and commission a sketch for his Superman blank cover comic. For those that don’t know what blank cover comics are, they’re essentially complete comic books printed without the cover with the intention that you can either create your own or have an artist draw it. So I was incredibly honored when he asked me as it was not only the first time someone has ever commissioned work from me at a convention, but also because he wanted me to draw two of my favorite characters ever on his comic book. Talk about pressure! I was starting to get nervous because I didn’t know what to draw, and I didn’t want to draw something simple or derivative.

But then I thought about the idea that Superman and Batman complement each other the way that the yin and yang symbols do and then it hit me – draw them as a yin and yang with their capes comprising the shape of the circle. I was incredibly happy with my concept and even more so because he loved it and was happy with it. Perhaps one day I’ll turn it into a full colored illustration :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Part 2 coming soon.

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