Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drawing Tutorials -The Foreshortened Figure

I’ve always enjoyed the act of teaching – helping someone else to understand a concept a little better is one of those unexplainable joys for me. It’s why I spent many semesters as a Teacher’s Aid while at Art Center and even more so why I’ve spent the past two years teaching on and off at the LA Academy of Figurative Art.
I’ve had a few people online ask me for drawing tips over the last year, and normally I just take the time out right then and there to answer their questions. However, drawing isn’t something that can be thoroughly explained through text alone, which is why I’ve decided to compose a set of Drawing Tutorials for people to download and have. So far I’ve created some for drawing the human head and for the figure in foreshortening. I plan to create more as time allows and as interest in them increases if they’re actually helping people.
If you have any feedback on them or suggestions, please write me as I’d love to know how to improve them for the benefit of people who actually need them. Until then, keep drawing!

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