Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Halloween 2014 is here and what better day to celebrate than a Friday (well, except for a Saturday of course)! This year my Halloween card illustration focuses on the role-playing fun that dressing up as your favorite character encourages. I actually had a few different compositions and ideas in mind originally, some of which were more dynamic, but ultimately settled on this one. Although the composition might be considered more 'flat' by some, that's actually what I love about it. The flatness is what allowed me to highlight each trick-or-treater's alter ego as their shadow in silhouette. This straight-on composition is also very Rockwell-esque as many of his Saturday Evening Post covers would often show the characters in profile view.
In the end though the message is quite simple. Halloween is a time to have fun and dress up as anybody or anything that you are inspired by. It doesn't matter what your nationality is, or even your gender. What I loved about Halloween as a kid is that for one night you got to pretend you were that character. As an adult, I've been happy to have been able to work at places that let us come to work in costume. Now only if there were ways for adults to trick or treat as well. I know I can just buy my own candy now, but it's not as fun as running around the neighborhood wondering which houses were going to give the full size candy bars :)
Happy Halloween and stay safe!

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