Monday, December 8, 2014

"Sons of Anarchy" Final Episode Tribute

I became a fan of "Sons of Anarchy" late in the game but by no means did that diminish my love for this show. I can't stress enough how great the characters are developed, and when you combine that with wonderful storytelling, you create the perfect setup for a fantastic story. 

Tomorrow night will be the final episode of the series so I made this sketch over the weekend as a tribute to a story that has captivated me since earlier this year. For anyone not familiar with the show, I won't say anything except that this illustration highlights one of the more prominent themes in the show - that the reaper (the symbol of the motorcycle club in the show) is a close companion when you ride in that life.

But if there are any fellow Samcro fans out there, I hope that you enjoy our final ride tomorrow night as much as I will.

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