Monday, September 5, 2011

The Grandest Canyon of Them All!!!

Mather Point

Yavapai Point

I just came in a few hours ago from spending a long weekend at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It was my second time and I still cannot describe its beauty in any words that could do it justice. All I can say is it's breathtaking and a must for any fan of natural wonders.

Being an artist, I just had to separate from my friends for a few hours and do at least one painting. After all, how many chances will I get to paint the Grand Canyon FROM LIFE? So I sat down and did a little gouache sketch in my sketchbook. Earlier at a different viewpoint I had done a pencil sketch while the rest of my group was taking pictures. 

The atmospheric depth the canyon creates is just unbelievable, and I just had to humbly try and capture that impression for myself. It was quite amusing, too, how many fellow tourists would look over my shoulder. I had never felt so self-conscious while painting in my life, especially during the lay-in stage. I kept wishing I could tell them - "don't worry, it'll look better later...hopefully." A few people asked permission to photograph my painting and myself painting it, with which I had no problem. It still makes me laugh to think that in multiple hard drives and albums across the world, there's a random picture of random me and my simple painting amongst the rest of their vacation photos.


  1. Great job, I would have done the same thing. How many chances are you gonna get to paint the Grand Canyon from life?

  2. That's a very nice color painting, Mauricio. That's the gouache sketch? Very impressive.
    I love northern Arizona. It's been a long time since I've been there, but I saw the Grand Canyon twice. Was It clear when you were there, or is it always kind of hazy like when I saw it? It takes a lot of atmosphere to fill that wide canyon.

  3. NICE! great opportunity to paint and draw from life. in all places the grand canyon.

  4. great painting!! :) and love that story as well...good for you to sketch when everyone else was taking pics, and taking advantage of the opportunity!

    also... you know you're good when people start taking pictures of you painting ;)


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