Friday, May 10, 2013

Mama's Kiss - A Mother's Day Gift (also 100th post)

I made this illustration for my mother, and I know in no way can it or any other painting I ever do in my lifetime be enough to thank her for providing a wonderful childhood. Of all the qualities about her that I love, the one that has the most relevance to my art is her unquestioning endless amount of support.

When I first told my mom that I wanted to give up my science career ambitions in favor of pursuing music (yes, at one point in my life I played music regularly and performed in a group), she simply smiled and said, "whatever makes you happy." And when I realized that it wasn't music but art that would be my ultimate creative muse, she simply smiled and encouraged me to follow my heart. I know not every young soul has the good fortune of pursuing their dreams with their parents' full approval, so for that I am eternally thankful.

Life has been extremely busy and distracting these last few weeks, and I intended this post to be a nice summary of my European trip with some cool photos that people might enjoy. That'll have to wait since Mother's Day is fast approaching. Also, blogger tells me it's my 100th post, so I guess that's important too. Hooray? 


  1. Congratulation on your 100th post, Mauricio. This is a great piece and tells the story perfectly. A real eye catcher.

  2. Beautiful! I think your mum will love this.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos too.

  3. Yes! Hooray, indeed! You have an amazing and wonderful mother, and I hope to be equally as supportive with all my kids' dreams. I love this painting! So sweet. And I love his little feet! Interestingly, scientific research has shown that a mother's kiss on a boo-boo really does make the pain go away! Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

  4. Congrats on your 100th posting, and a very meaningful, heartfelt one at that! And yes, it's a blessed thing to have that kind of loving, knowing support from your mom. My mom also supported my creative muse, which is unusual for an Asian familiy. Go Moms!

  5. AH! This is a beautiful post, Mauricio!! Your mother is a gem of all mothers. I tell you, she gave such a gift to you in her blessing as you chose your path. Happy Mother's Day to your dear mom..what a gorgeous illustration honoring your love for her.


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