Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam - Part II

As I wrote in an earlier post, I had the good fortune to travel through Amsterdam for a day on my way back from a company trip elsewhere in Europe. Here are some photos from that visit that I think visitors to this blog will enjoy. 

I have been incredibly busy and distracted by other events in my personal life more so than ever that I haven't been able to post weekly as has been my usual trend. However, I have managed to keep up with my artistic projects so I will post those very soon. And since this isn't a travel blog, I'll err on the side of having this post be more succinct than verbose. I hope you enjoy!

One of the two entrances to museum. This one I believe is on the south side.

Interior of the hall leading up the main Rembrandt room housing his bigger paintings.

3/4 shot of the main Rembrandt room where "The Night Watch" is showcased front and center.

The other side of the Rembrandt room.

A closeup shot of the painting shown above. I still can't believe he composed so many people, hands, and faces so well, AND then painted them!

A self-portrait of Rembrandt later in his life.

And these are just a few paintings that caught my eye for varying reasons. I hope they serve to inspire you as much as they do for me.


  1. Wow powwow... What can I say?!

    Okay... The picture frames are nice too. Ah seeing these masterworks does make me heartsick. Such genius. So beautiful. Their hands, I would have loved to kiss the maters' hands. I normally do not like going to museums because I panic at the sight of great works. I have to close my eyes and feel detached in order to go on. I cried the first time I saw a Van Gogh portrait. The crude and vulgar marks of the brushes were so obvious. My ear hurt at the sight of the bandaged face. Sigh

    1. It's ok, Ces. I feel your pain. Looking at these works always humbles me, but then I remind myself that the alternative is far worse - a life without at least trying to make great art.

  2. Pow wowoww... that's all that I can say!

    Incredible artwork! What some people can And what spectacular architecture! I could stare at old buildings all day long. Have a great summer!

    1. I know, right? I'm always blown away by the skill and mastery of the old masters, especially since they had to do everything right in a physical medium. No 'undo' for them!

  3. SO much inspiration!!!!! All these painting empower us to keep on creating! Thanx for sharing!

  4. WOW!! I can only imagine how awesome it was for you to stand there in front of those masterpieces. I think it would take me a week or more to fully digest everything I saw. I'm so happy you posted these that we can vicariously enjoy our visit to the museum too. Hope you've been well, Mauricio! I thank you for your kind visit recently..and your words of encouragement re: people! As I read more and re-read books about anatomy, I realize I have so much to learn as unfortunately I didn't get a lot of it in my college years. If you have tips, definitely I'd love to hear well as sources you'd recommend for further development of the human form. Thank you! And of course, only if you have time..I realize you are quite busy and working on your project as well as work-work! So no pressure at all. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week Mauricio!

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